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G. Richardson

Writer / Director

Christina G. Richardson is a New York Based Director, Screenwriter and Mom, who has an insatiable urge to tell stories. Originating from South Central Los Angeles California, Christina got her start as a child actress; and it was on the set of a McDonalds commercial that she discovered her love for directing. She didn’t realize that experience would change the trajectory of her life.

As a director, conceptualizing new and unique ideas comes second nature to her; and so does bringing those ideas to life from pre to post production- with a keen understanding of every facet of the production process, Christina never fails to maximize the potential of every department to produce the best possible outcome.

You can find her style at the intersection of Comedy and drama which, in her mind, are one and the same. Her trademark is her keen focus on realism, astute imagery and her ability to pull the best performances out of her onscreen talent, encouraging improvisation and facilitating a safe space for her actors to not only act, but to become.

“I was 12 when I witnessed movie magic for the first time. The director sat me in his chair after noticing I had been on standby all day. I got to watch as they shot night for day in a 1st floor bedroom that they cheated for a basement. As a 12 year old kid, It was mind-blowing. I watched them do it and I just knew that I could do it too.”

In 2017 Christina founded the Bronx Film Initiative- a non profit organization that provides opportunities for young people to experience filmmaking with a learn-by doing approach. She takes students through a 12 week process of creating a film from script to screen, giving them access to a budget and a professional film crew. Christinas loves providing this type of exposure to student that would not otherwise have these opportunities. She calls it lifting as she climbs.

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